Virtual Walk to End Lupus Now North Carolina

Shine On!

When I learned about lupus from a friend that has it, we got involved with the Fayetteville walk.  

We sat on the steering committee and worked with other volunteers months before the walk.

The day of the walk, you could usually find us under the purple tent.

One year, we even had the author of "The Spoon Theory" fly in to be a part of our team.

To say the Kennedy Krew was a legend is an understatement!  :)

We passed the torch and retired, praying that someone would continue with our passion about this mission.

But....I am back.  There still is not a cure and we need one for the MANY friends I now know have lupus.

Stupid Covid hurt so many non-proifts during 2020 and we are feeling it this year too.

Won't you help us raise funds and awareness?

Every single dollar helps!




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