2017 Walk to End Lupus Now, Atlanta

Me at my first walk in 2015
Me at my first walk in 2015

Bella Vita

My Story!

My name is Bella Rocchio. I am 12 years old and my mom has lupus. She has inspired me to walk for a cure and if you ask me why I'm helping to find a cure, I will say it's because of her. She contracted lupus when I was 6, which was a point where I could still remember when she wasn't sick. She worked at Northside Hospital as an OBGYN. Sometimes, I would go with her to work, riding in her SAAB convertible with the top down. Ahhh! Those were the days... But that all changed when she got sick. At that time, I wasn't able to notice how much pain she was in. But now I know. Even now, 6 years later, she still suffers. She lies in bed all day, resting and sleeping most of the time. Sometimes when I come home from school, she is sleeping. I quietly give her a kiss and go do my homework. For most kids, what I go through is unimaginable. Their moms are taking them to school or going to the park with them or taking them to an afterschool activity. My mom isn't even able to come to church on Sunday. Actually, what we go through is unimaginable. I have two siblings and a wonderful dad, who both have to deal with the same things that I do. Only my siblings, Lila and Gavin don't remember what my mom was like before she was sick. That's why I see my mom's illness as an invader. Lila and Gavin see it as a way of everyday life. My dad is kind of like a single parent. He has to take care of 3 kids and my mom at the same time. And he has a job! Superdad!!!

How lupus has changed me as a person

When such a significant figure in your life contracts a disease like lupus, it changes your perspective. I don't take life for granted and I feel more obliged to change the fate that was given to my mom. 

Effects of fundraising on me and my mom

Fundraising has helped me get away from it all. I am able to focus on finding a cure and bringing joy to others rather than the fact that my mom is sick. It also helps my mom because she is able to focus on joy and happiness rather than pain and sorrow.

Please, please, please help me find a cure for lupus. No. Help me END LUPUS. Help me reach my goal of $6,000! Make a donation today to end lupus. With your help, anything is possible.

Bella Rocchio

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