2019 Walk to End Lupus Now, Atlanta

Star's Angels

For many of us, living with lupus can be very painful, depressing & hopeless. We never know how we will feel from day to day; what illness will be flaring or what body part will be hurting. My name is Star Smith and I am fighting for my life with my battle against lupus. Having lupus, my life goal has gone from living to be happy, to finding a cure for this vicious disease that is slowly taking pieces of me away..5 years before this day, I couldn't walk or feed myself because of 3 recurrent strokes caused by lupus. This is the first year i am allowed to actually 'walk'!!

I'm blessed to be alive and functional.

Lupus is not only a mystery to those who have it, it's also a mystery to the doctors & nurses that aide us in care & support. The care for lupus can cost 63,000 a year.

Being a lupus warrior makes me feel that I have no choices but suffering & death.

Lupus affects more than 1.5 million people and is more common than you could ever know. Anyone you know can become a lupus patient.

Why walk with us???

- to spread awareness

- to gain donations that will fund for scientists to work to find a cure.

- to give us that are living with lupus hope....

- to pay homage to those who have lost their battle with lupus.

- living with lupus can be very lonely & the lupus walk gives those who support a warrior & even us warriors a chance to build new friends & meet others that understand our struggle.

you should walk with my team, Star's Angels. We are accepting team members ( whether you be friends, family or someone we have yet to meet).

Everyone is welcome. It's all about coming together to make a difference.

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