2019 Walk To End Lupus Now Central Florida

Mama G's Force

Mama G:

My mom was first diagnosed with Lupus in college and immediately felt its affects. It started off with the classic Lupus butterfly rash and only progressed from there. Although my mom says she is fortunate in having great care and in being able to manage this disease, she has still faced many different set backs and obstacles. On a daily basis, her normal is joint pain, swelling, fatigue, and low grade fevers which she describes as a constant flu feeling. What many people may not know is that my mom has had problems with her kidneys, heart, and lungs. She has lived having to depend on medications and treatments such as chemotherapy, steroids, and infusions. Although many may see these aspects in a negative light, my mom takes this disease like a trooper getting stronger day by day.

Last Year:

Last year at the Walk To End Lupus Now, we had a phenomenal turn out consisting of all of her family and friends. We were fortunate enough to have flown her dad in from Pennsylvania and have the unconditional support and dedication from her local friends. We had a total of 45 loving friends and family come out and walk with us and we want this number to grow and continue to grow. Everyone had an amazing time walking around Lake Eola and basking in all of the festivities this organization had to offer. Overall, the day was full of love, fun, and education, all for a great cause.

Join Mama G's Force:

Last year we were able to raise and reach our donation goal and want to reach and surpass our goal this year. Our family invites any and all people who would like to support my mom and this cause to join our team and walk with us. I am very excited to see the team we form this year and to see all of the love that will be present on April 27th. Help us to raise money and create a greater awareness of Lupus and its effects on everyone involved by joining our team!

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